Should the US intervene in Syria?

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The U.S. has not expressly said they are contemplating intervention. If they do intervene it would most likely be in supporting the rebels, imposing a no-fly zone or with a coalition.

Is this the right course of action?

Do we have an obligation to help the Syrian people attain their freedom? Do we have an obligation to stop the violence?

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  1. America is finally starting to actually GET OUT of other countries’ social and economic issues – the last thing we need is to start putting our hands in more places.

    1. Obviously you’re an idiot. They can’t fend for themselves and need American assistance especialy with that dingus at the helm.

  2. I believe that as a democracy we’re obligated to do our part in maintainng human rights and certain civil freedoms. However, with the current amounts of troops we have overseas and not at home, at OUR borders, getting involved in Syria (beyond standard comm. relations) is not a good move.