Are Trump Supporters Your People?

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There is a saying that anytime a question is asked in the headline of an article the answer is always, “no.” Well I must be different.

Recently I have heard from many people that Trump supporters are not their people, and I understand this feeling. We have a stark divide in this country right now and both sides feel that the other side is ‘bad for America.’ This is dangerous thinking and we must be reminded that we are all Americans together.

Yes, Trump supporters are your people and they love this country just like we all do. Just like anyone else, there are good and bad people and it is up to you to treat them as an individual and not a group.

I voted Obama twice and I do not support everything he has done. I would imagine not even Obama would support everything he has done. The Trump supporter or Hillary supporter do not have to defend every action of the person they voted for, it is not their job to do so. Do not make it their job.

Recently I had to quit a job at a local supermarket, I was working a couple shifts a week doing overnight stocking to help pay the student loan bills. The first, and only, night I worked there I was met by the two regular stockers. They both seemed nice enough until one of them insisted on trying to convince me that Hillary Clinton manufactures and distributes methamphetamine through the east coast. You read that correctly. I laughed at his face, insisted that Hillary most likely is not a Walter White level meth manufacturer and that she probably has better things to do.

He continued to follow me around the store and wouldn’t stop talking. He repeatedly told me I should listen to him as he has a 118 IQ and was about to get his real estate license. I did not tell him I have worked for Sen. Wiger, Sen. Franken, have a BA in Political Science, minor in Philosophy or that I had been the main contributor and one of two founders of Politablog.

After this conversation, and the other Trump supporter saying the term ‘wetback,’ over and over again, I decided it was best to look for employment elsewhere.  I once had a job at the Park City Dominos where I had to quit over a similar issue, one of the driver’s wanted to ‘Nuke ‘em all’ in reference to the middleeast and was saying so in front of customers. I was the ONLY one there to stand up to this driver, the manager said that he “wasn’t wrong.” So I quit and walked out.

Not all Trump supporters are like this, many are good honest Americans who are intelligent. These folks were not educated and refused to learn. They believe a website like Breitbart or the NY Times or Washington Post, they do not know and it is up to us to educate them.

So, when having a conversation with a Trump supporter remember that they most likely voted for him because they hated Hillary, wanted to get rid of NAFTA and improve the economy. Most didn’t vote for him to pick on Muslims, Mexicans, LGBT people or anyone else. They are honest Americans who want manufacturing jobs back and feel like corporate America has too much power.

It is also important to realize that some of their criticism of Hillary are accurate, she was not the best choice and the DNC nominated her anyways. Self reflection is the key to growth; understanding is the key to overcoming this divide. Or, you can always just quit.

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