The TPP was a poor choice

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Trump has had a horrible first week on the job, one of the worst starts to a Presidency ever. However, one bright spot was the US withdrawal from the TPP trade agreement.

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) had many positive aspects and many dystopian nightmares added in for added resentment I guess.

Some of the positive: It would get rid of most tariffs and force the participating countries to improve worker rights and working conditions. That sounds awesome, right?

Well, some of the dystopian negative: International Mega Corporations would’ve been able to sue the daylights out of any participating country which passed legislation that could affect their economic viability. So, big tobacco could sue the US over the anti-smoking laws and high tobacco taxes, big oil could sue over environmental protections, etc… Not only that, corporations could sue to have their preferential policies enacted. It would’ve been a clear sign that the US is a subservient oligarchy and no longer a Democracy.

Of course the bad part of withdrawal from the TPP is that it opens a door for China to increase their economic expansion and leaves the US as the ‘used-to-be popular kid’ who is now left out of playtime. But, our future is looking dystopian enough as is; I do not think we need to add the lovely caveat of having International Mega Corporations decide our fate anymore than they already do.

What are your thoughts on the TPP?

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