r/The_Donald, The Internet’s Largest Safe Space

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The popular social media website, Reddit, has a very large and devoted group of Trump supporters that have created a subreddit called, r/The_Donald. This subreddit has been going on for quite some time and has created a lot of controversy throughout the Reddit community and beyond.

During the primaries and election in 2016 r/The_Donald became a hotspot for Trump supporters to congregate, share their opinions and share memes they felt were ‘dank.’ When starting this article it was difficult to try and focus on a few aspects of r/The_Donald, because it is quite overwhelming when you visit this subreddit or try and speak with any of their supporters. I have dealt with this subreddit since the beginning and overwhelming is the best way to describe them.

To begin this article I would like to encourage you all to visit this subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald

By spending 5 minutes on this subreddit I believe you will get a good feel of what this subreddit is all about. It is predominantly anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant (specifically Mexicans), anti-Clinton, anti-liberal, anti-science and oddly enough anti-safe space.

If you have an account on Reddit I would also encourage you to post to this subreddit, nothing hateful, it can be completely up to you, but try asking questions like:

“Im a democrat and unsure about Trump, why should I support him?”

“I think that the muslim ban is a bad idea, why should I support it?”

“As an independent who dislikes Trump, can you change my mind?”

Or things such as:

“I like Rosie O’Donnell”

“I feel that Trump making fun of a disabled reported was in poor taste.”

“His sexual harassment of multiple women over the years concerns me.”

“I like SNL.”

“Is Bannon really in charge?”

Any of these statements will get you permanently banned from r/The_Donald. None of these statements are hateful, disrespectful or derogatory, but yet you will get banned. The moderators of this subreddit are notorious for banning anyone that doesn’t wholeheartedly support Trump, it is not enough to have voted for him, or be a republican, you must bleed Trump, talk about Trump 24/7 and be unabashedly pro-Trump even in the face of facts. This is not a place for free speech, it is the internet’s largest safe space.

President Trump himself has done an ‘AMA’ (Ask me Anything) interview on The_Donald and has been very supportive of this subreddit. He should come out and speak against these supporters of his, but I won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.

Besides the anti-free speech rhetoric and ‘safe space,’ r/The_Donald has done far more dangerous things, mainly spreading misinformation.

Recently, they have been fighting the same fight Trump is, which is not surprising. They constantly label news organizations like NY Times, CNN and Washington Post as ‘fake news.’ They trump up anything Wikileaks says that supports them, which is most of what Wikileaks says (Assange has admitted to hiding info on Trump, while releasing info on Clinton that was timed to change the narrative), and now they are bringing up any and all crimes that may have been committed from foreigners against US Citizens.

Their attempts to constantly change the narrative are obvious and it is obvious that they have a very anti-immigrant agenda. This is something we have seen from many subreddits and all over the internet. Far-right groups from Europe and now the US work tirelessly to spread this false narrative.  They actually have other forums around the internet where they come together to encourage their ‘alt-right’ supporters to brigade and overwhelm any dissenters. That is why you may see angry Trump supporters so much on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere. Trump obviously doesn’t have much support in the US, so they need to get all the alt-right supporters worldwide to post 24/7.

Here is one of the more recent pictures that have been posted, the moderators did not feel the need to remove this:

You can tell by looking at this picture that they have an agenda, and it is not even anti-immigrant. It is anti-Mexican. Again, I do want to reiterate that not all Trump supporters hate Mexicans, but there will come a time where they will either have to denounce these actions or face the consequences. If you support a leader who is also supported by white nationalists and bigots you may want to spend some time reflecting on your personal choices.  It is obvious that there is a race/nationality element at play here, not just an issue with immigration.

Let me share with you an experience I had with two Trump supporters at a part-time job I recently held, but then quit after this incident.

In Fairplay, Colorado (the town based on South Park) I held this job, I wont say where it was as the owner is a good guy and I don’t want to get him in trouble. It was my first shift and I was not going to be talking politics at work, as that is not a proper thing to do.

While working one of my co-workers named Chris was explaining to me how I need to listen to everything he says as he has a 118 IQ and was about to become a real estate agent. I did my best to not laugh in his face, and I didn’t.

He calmly mentioned, “I can tell you one thing, I am sure glad that bitch didn’t become President,” in reference to Hillary Clinton. I already can see how this was going to go. We walked outside.

I replied, “I was not a big Clinton supporter, but I really wish she would’ve won, I do not like Trump at all.” I think that took them aback, they may not have ever met a Democrat, I proudly said I was a Democrat.

“You know that Hillary manufactures Meth and distributes it through New York City, right?” He said this in as matter-of-fact way as you possibly can. I was shocked, he cant really believe this, right?

“So, you believe that Hillary ran a ‘Walter White’ style operation while running for President? That seems odd, I do not believe it one bit.” I said this as I turned around and started walking away. Keep in mind that this conversation happened about an hour after starting my first shift at this new job and I had just met these people.

Bob, the other person I was working with, started to complain about the ‘Wetbacks.’

“You’re gonna have to whip those ‘wetbacks’ into shape, they can’t do anything right!”

It was at this point I made my decision and I wanted to leave right then and there, but I didn’t. I finished my shift, didn’t receive any pay for my work and then sent an e-mail to the owner saying it was not a good fit. These people were extremely uneducated, believed they were intelligent, couldn’t decipher proper source materials and believed every little conspiracy or racist thing they heard. It was unbelievable and I had not dealt with people like this in awhile, since high school.

I wanted to write this article to give you a glimpse of the type of people who are loudly supporting Trump on Reddit. We should always support these people’s free speech, they should not be silenced. But, we must call them out. Unfortunately, the safe space of r/The_Donald makes that more difficult to do.

This article could focus on how r/The_Donald has manipulated the voting algorithm on Reddit by using bots.  It could focus on their hypocrisy of making fun of ‘safe spaces’ and then operating the largest ‘safe space’ on the internet. It could focus on their racism, bigotry, anti-muslim attitudes or their shaming of anyone different than them. It could focus on their white victimhood or insistence on calling everyone who disagrees with them ‘cucks.’ I could focus on how the admins of Reddit have banned their moderators for these crimes (http://i.imgur.com/mKdw6af.png) or I could focus on who the moderators are of this sub and how they have started other subs, like: r/HillaryForPrison and r/AltRight. How the followers believe everything they hear from Wikileaks and how they probably love the show ‘Ancient Aliens’ and believe that 100%.

Instead I am just going to copy and paste some of their users comments so you can get an idea of what the Trump supporters on r/The_Donald are like. They live in a bubble, constantly congratulating each other and they are quite vulgar, very disrespectful of other ideas. Next time you speak with a Trump supporter (Trumpet?) make sure to encourage them to visit r/The_Donald. It would be interesting to see how many of them voice opposition to this subreddit and how many agree. I think you would be surprised.

Without further adeau, a random sample of posts I found on r/The_Donald:

Post 1 shows the vote manipulation. Over 34,000 ‘people’ upvoted these posts, but only 16 comments? Seems odd.

Post 2, giving you an idea of their vulgarity:

Post 3 here shows that they not only disagree with the US intelligence community about Russia, but actually want a better relationship with a brutal dictator like Putin:

Post 4, more vulgarity:

Post 5, notice how they lump all of Islam together:

Post 6, one of my favorites, I like how one Trump supporter feels the need to defend himself after he was accused of not reading ‘Art of the Deal.’

Post 7, they might be surprised in a few months when impeachment happens:

Post 8, cognitive dissidence mixed with crude vulgarity, not even clever. Pretty sure all Trump supporters on this subreddit might be 12.

Post 9, they were upset that an image of Trump touching a child, who was terrified of him, went viral. Here is the picture they are upset about and this is one of their responses:

Post 10 Here are the current ‘rising’ posts, see how many upvotes they have compared to comments? A sure sign of continued vote manipulation. I took this screen shot at 2:00 pm MST on 02/12/2017:

Post 11, discussing Abraham Lincoln and how he would be a Republican nowadays. A history lesson would help most of these folks:

Post 12, one of the common things they call President Trump is “God Emperor,” it happens in their communications with each other and out in public. I believe it started as a joke, but judging by many of their posts, it is a belief that many truly hold:

The best thing about r/The_Donald is all you have to do is show people this subreddit and they will view it as toxic, anti-American and immature. If you are a Trump supporter and find this repulsive, I encourage you to be the better person and try and spread a positive message. This exclusive negativity in the Trump ‘safe space’ only further alienates people.

If you view this and do not find it repulsive, you may want to spend time reflecting on how you became the person you are today.

Be safe in your reading: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/

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