Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

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Recently I got into a friendly argument about who should be the next Chairman of the Democrat Party. While both of us were agreeing on several causes of Trump’s victory, we did not share the same sentiment in regards to the Chairman choice.

My friend denied any wrongdoing on the part of the Clinton campaign or Debbie Wasserman Shultz, I believe that they played an integral part in Trump’s victory.

She felt a dark skinned man who was Muslim could not galvanize the Dem base, and in fact would turn away most Americans. I disagree.

Ultimately, there is no better choice to resist the mostly insane actions of the Trump administration than a progressive Muslim and he has a plan.

“The number one priority for the Democratic Party must be voter turnout, voter engagement, and building voter trust. I promise to put voters first as #DNCChair.”

The Clinton campaign failed to support local races, and in fact seemed to go out of their way to damage the Democrat Parties ability to win ( We cannot afford to let the Clintons or Clintonistas have a say any longer, they had their chance and failed miserably.

Trump won because there are many people out there who are disenchanted with the system. No Wall St. Bankers were charged for their crimes, wealth inequality grows, inner cities get left behind while we spend trillions on war and we have infrastructure falling apart like in Flint, MI. It is time for a real change and for the Democrats to again become the party of the people. Ellison can accomplish this.

There are two main issues that concern me in regards to Ellison; his anti-gun stance and his pro-Iran stance. Both of these issues he will have to show flexibility in order to woo the American people. While Iran is certainly making progress, they are not our allies and want US Hegemony to end. Iran is a repressive regime and we must hold them accountable (

The Democrats for many years have been on the wrong side of guns and this has given the GOP inroads to rural America. There are millions of Americans who vote GOP solely due to gun rights. Traditionally, the Democrats have been a party that focuses on the causes of problems and then tries to solve them. If there is inner-city violence, we should do our best to promote economic activity to increase jobs, this includes major education initiatives.

If kids are shooting up the schools we need to look at the causes, many times this includes gun owners not securing their weapons properly. All the gun owners I know have safety as their #1 concern, many are some of the most responsible people I know, and they do not want to hurt a fly.

It is fear that drives many people to buy 100s of guns and years worth of ammo, they are stockpiling for the day when Democrats take their guns. I do not know a Democrat who wants to take their guns. We need to fix this communication gap.

Generally Dems want tight regulation on magazine lengths, barrel lengths, automatic weapons, types of ammo, and they tend to not like the recoilless models. We need to change this approach and try a more inclusive approach.

Responsible gun ownership exists, it is not rare and it can be promoted. This can include increased background checks for certain types of guns or extended magazines, most gun owners are completely okay with this. But we need to be clear, gun ownership is a right in the US and it is entrenched in our Bill of Rights ( and the Democrats will not infringe on that Right. While I disagree with Ellison’s approach on gun rights and Iran, I do believe he will be a leader for ALL Democrats and will do his best to win elections, this may include changing his stances on these issues if it is needed.

Ellison has been endorsed by: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Outgoing Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Martin Heinrich, Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the AFL-CIO and many more.

Here is where he stands on some issues, for good or bad:

-Has 100% ranking with NARAL Pro-Choice America. (

– Supports LGBT rights.

-Did not support the war in Iraq.

-Against gun rights (

-Advocates for closer ties with the Iranian government (

– Tried to Impeach Dick Cheney (



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