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Globalization is not an issue to be ‘pro’ or ‘against,’ it is a natural occurrence within human history and cannot be stopped.

When you come to realize that this thing cannot be contained you end up with a sense of freedom and can better prepare yourself for the future. Globalization is happening on so many levels, the internet is a bastion of free speech, openness, and globalization. Anyone of us can have a conversation with people from China, Iran, France, Brazil, Indonesia, etc… Most of us are online and many of us converse in English.

These are some of the benefits of globalization, along with sharing of ideas, improving human rights and increased trade and economic activity. Generally, the easier it is to ship goods across the world the better it is for the average person.

With the benefits come the consequences, such as: increased corporate power, deepened wealth inequality, and economic change.

There was a case a few years ago where US tire manufacturers complained to the Obama administration that they couldn’t compete with Chinese manufacturers. Obama was pressured to enact a tariff on Chinese tire imports and this was credited with saving over 1,000 US jobs. A good short-term benefit.

What ended up happening was US manufactures rose prices on US consumers and the US consumer got a product for more expensive than it could’ve been and one at the same quality as Chinese manufacturers. Sure, we saved 1,000 jobs, but does that prepare us for the future?

We must strike a balance between preparing for the inevitable and curtailing the consequences of globalization. We must focus on re-training US society for jobs that will be around in 10 to 20 years, this should start at re-training everyone who drives for a living, does manufacturing for a living or any other occupation that will become automated within the next 5 to 10 years.

These occupations are dead. They will not come back to the US and that can be a good thing if you play your cards right, or it can make your life a living hell. This is the reality and this is globalization.

We can continue to have our heads in the sand and make promises to old manufacturing towns, enact tariffs and conduct trade wars. But this only postpones the inevitable and positions the US to become a 2nd rate power during the latter half of the 21st century.

Your kids will never work in a coal mine, drive a semi-truck, Uber or work manufacturing vehicles in Flint, Michigan. These jobs are dead and we must pave a path forward. Build a bridge towards tomorrow, not yesterday.

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