Government shutdown: White House details consequences

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The things that would stop with a fed gov’t shutdown:

– the IRS will stop processing paper tax returns

– the Small Business Administration will stop making loans

– federal home loan guarantees will be put on hold.

– 800,000 gov’t workers will not get a paycheck

– National Park Service sites and the Smithsonian Institution would be shuttered

– the Cherry Blossom Festival parade scheduled for this weekend in Washington would be cancelled. (which made me cry)

– U.S. troops would be paid through April 8, but after that, paychecks to members of the military, including those in war zones, would stop.

– The National Institutes of Health will stop accepting new patients, and put clinical trials on hold.

– The Environmental Protection Agency would stop reviewing environmental impact statements, which will slow crucial energy related projects.

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  1. If BOTH parties stopped trying to bully each other around and started making some agreements things might not be so bad.

  2. if the democrats would have passed the budget back last october like they should have then this wouldnt be an issue….instead Obama and the gang punted this shit forward. They knew back then if they passed a status quo budget they would have been slaughtered even worse during the novemeber elections…so they passed and now here we are today

    we have a 14 trillion dollar debt and the democrats are bitching about the difference between 40 million in cuts or 30 billion in cuts. The democrats cant even concede 40 billion in cuts. Like 30 or 40 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to 14 trillion

    This is all a show 30 billion 40 billion isnt shit. We need deeper broader cuts..I say we start with unplanned parenthood