Do you Support Obamacare?

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The Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare will stand as is. The mandate is now considered a tax and states cannot be forced into the program. But, it stands.

While many progressives criticize this plan as not going far enough and many conservatives fear a decline in care and governmental bankruptcy, the truth, as usual, is somewhere in-between.

Where do you stand on Obamacare? Will it solve the problems we are facing in healthcare? Will our government collapse because of it?

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  1. Obmamacare is not the answer, however pieces of it are beyond necessary (imo, at least – preexisting conditions). Perhaps it was rushed through a little quick, but all in all i think this is a good thing for america.

  2. WOW, surprised to see Tea Party rhetoric in the comments on this site. Obamacare will be great, sure it doesn’t have the single-payer and there still exists a for-profit system, but it will solve many problems.

    Americanpie and Renegadechica, what plans do you have in mind then?

    Also, how on earth was this plan rushed? I guess you were not alive in 2009 when we spent almost a whole year discussing this, with town hall forums, debates, etc…