Cocaine in the Red Bull

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There is cocaine in the Red Bull and according to the official Red Bull Colawebsite, “Why not? And we simply believe that a cola can also be made from natural ingredients. Just like back in the old days. The cola from Red Bull can do without a secret formula. On the contrary: all our ingredients are listed on the back of the can. Thanks to its special recipe, the cola from Red Bull is not just a cola, but a cola of a special kind: strong and natural.”

Commonly referred to as ‘Cocaine in a Can,’ this cola is both strong and natural. Using the same ingredients that got Coca Cola their start in the early 20th century, Red Bull has found a business model that can’t go wrong.

Even if it so happens that one of their ingredients is a scheduled drug (commonly misinterpreted as a narcotic, it is not.) Cocaine being used in an energy drink does make sense. I am honestly all for it! They also have it listed right on the ingredients, ‘coca leaf.’ So, it is not like they are ashamed of their ploy to get all of humanity addicted to Red Bull Cola (see Coca-Cola).

What about the double standard that is being applied here?

A small child could legally buy Red Bull Cola, this is wrong. I am all for the addition of cocaine into our soft drinks, I ask plainly, why not? But we should not go so low as to peddle cocaine to children.

Already removed from shelves in six German states and banned in Norway, Denmark and Uruguay, Red Bull Cola is surely to become banned in the United States as well. Even though the amount of cocaine found in the soda is miniscule, it would send the wrong message to allow this drink to continue to be available at stores across the country.

Ideally, we would live in a world where the government wouldn’t feel the need to restrict ingredients in a cola. But that is not the case.

Most people would agree that Red Bull Cola is not only delicious but it is also perfectly okay to drink.

So, for all of those inclined to do so, enjoy a nice, refreshing and naturally strong Red Bull Cola! While supplies last.

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  1. thats so crazy! it makes sense on why they would do that…i mean thats why they took of the energy drink “cocaine” like literally. it was sold as down in the valley for a long time…

  2. This is nothing new. Regular Coke still uses coca leaf as a flavoring ingredient. From a Washington Times article:

    “Coke dropped cocaine from its recipe around 1900, but the secret formula still calls for a cocaine-free coca extract produced at a Stepan Co. factory in Maywood, N.J. Stepan buys about 100 metric tons of dried Peruvian coca leaves each year, said Marco Castillo, spokesman for Peru’s state-owned National Coca Co.”