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I write under the name David Brooks, my legal name is David Giberson. Why do I do this?

I was raised by a single mother as my father left our family when I was little. While he was a powerful attorney and was once the Deputy Director of Health and Human Services for Minnesota (under Rudy Perpich) I do not want to honor his name. He is one of the greatest child support debtors and was once in-charge of the department that oversaw child support collection for the state of Minnesota. But, life has a funny way of happening, and we are all better off for this.

While legally changing my name is a goal, it is not one I have accomplished yet, due to costs. But I will.

No, I am not the David Brooks from the New York Times and I am not trying to be that man. We just share an amazing name.

So… that is a bit about me, but why do I do this? Politics has always been a passion of mine and I feel it is my duty to do what I can to improve the world.

So, what have I done?

I’ve done internships for Sen. Wiger, then chair of the Education Committee in MN, internships for the first Al Franken for Senate Campaign, have debated in front of GOP leaders repeatedly, corresponded with former Presidential candidates, written plans for Gubenatorial candidates, lived in Shenzhen, China, Guilin China, built homes in Cambodia, trampled through jungles outside Hong Kong, built gymnasiums for orphans in Mexico, helped families on the Blackfoot reservation in northern Montana, volunteered for homeless shelters repeatedly, been published all over the world, worked for a brewery in Shenzhen, Outdoor school in Guilin, led biking trips around Angkor Wat, Kayaked outside of Hangzhou, and taught many outdoor skills throughout China. I am someone who loves being outside; skiing, climbing, and hiking. I am someone who is obsessed with news, economics and international relations.

You should read this blog because you can count on me to care about the issues that affect your daily life. I will never be a corporate sell-out, will never backdown and will always work to improve the lives of the average American.

You should criticize me, question me and always have a keen eye for whoever you read or listen too. This is what makes America great and I will do my best to keep America great through continued activism, blogging and more.

Most importantly, I listen and care. Ideas change overtime and we all grow up, constantly. If we don’t we are building a bridge to the past, not the future. No time in human history has had as much change as what we have witnessed, this will continue and we must prepare for the future now more than ever.

If you have ideas, please share them. I read all comments and love to hear from my readers. Without you, there is no Politablog and there is no open exchange of ideas. Politablog only exists because of you, and I cherish that.

You can count on me to stand up for you, fight for you and present new ideas that might be worth considering.

This is how America should be, this is how Politablog is. A bridge to the future through preparation, dedication and criticism. That is how we grow.

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